build an applescript app for an Xkeys controller?

As a side question to my previous posting, I’ve been searching my face off for hints or examples of others having built little apps that take input ONLY from a specific control device, specifically any type of Xkeys controller (the Xkeys desktop, pro, or stick) and not keyboard characters/equivalents. Some users simply make their Xkeys keyboards mimic plain old qwerty keystrokes which I need NOT to do.

I have no experience writing code - i’m just a simple script person. I know the simple way to make an app with a button that runs a script when a keystroke happens is to check the right boxes and such in Interface Builder, but I’d love to figure out if there’s a (non code writing) way to cause an interface element to “listen” to specific input devices.

Thanks in advance,


My Xkeys are at home (the keypad and the footpedals)…have you tried their support (I’ve found it to be pretty good in the past) or direct scripting of the XKeys application?

One thing you might try doing it just assigning the XKey some oddball shortcut and then you should be able to script that easy enough.