Build Error -- I don't know why

I have a ASS project with 2 applescript files. Not including comments, the first lines of each applescript file is the same. One compiles just fine, the other generates an error.

The line in each file:

property SpadeChar : «data utxt2660»

The error message in the 2nd file:

Expected expression but found unknown token. (-2741)

It doesn’t matter the order of the files in the groups list. I have cleaned my target. What gets me is that I copied and pasted the code from the first file into the second file. (There are actually a number of properties and comments that I want in each file.)

Any suggestions will get greatly appreciated,
Brad Bumgarner, CTA

Xcode shows a red cross by the error. I often find that Script Editor can handle the ? symbol, but ASS can’t. Use ‘not equal to’ instead.

I don’t understand how this relates to my question. I’m attempting to set up a property in multiple scripts and I don’t know why the same line will compile in one script but not the next script.

Am I missing something?

Sorry, that was supposed to say “not equal to sign” not a ?..
I meant that some symbols like the not equal to sign (option + =) won’t work in AS. You need to change them to “not equal to”.

I was talking about the “Expected expression but found unknown token. (-2741)” error. An unknown or unrecognized symbol like the not equal to will give this error.

That makes sense, as I have ran into that myself. However, this doesn’t answer the question, in this case. The snippet of code in question builds fine in one script but that very same snippet of code doesn’t build in the second script.

For what it’s worth, I combined the two scripts into one script so that I could continue with this project.

Thanks for your reply,
Brad Bumgarner, CTA