building universal binaries in applescript studio (bug?)

I’m trying to create a universal binary of my simple applescript application. During the build, I can see that everything is done twice, but the result says it is a native application. I thought the build is OK and the problem is only in reporting the architecture, but testing on intel macs showed that the aplication is really not a universal binary.

Is this a bug of aplescript studio? I have no problems with building universal binaries for carbon application targets.

Thank you for any hints.

It troubled me too, but I found where it is.

Go to Edit project settings, build, set collection to architectures, click edit and enable both Intel and PowerPC.
It should work after that.

I did this before, but I did not convert the target to “native” and that was the problem. Thank you anyway.


Exactly how does one convert the target to “native?”


The documentation on building universal binary appications say you have to convert your program first to native before compiling.

There is an option in Xcode that allows you to do that. After the conversion, you will have two versions of your target: the original and a new one labeled “Upgraded”.

Once you have the upgraded version, you can target it for your ensuing build and make sure that the architecture is configured to build for both Intel and PPC…plus a few other requirements such as Mac OS version and SDK stuff.

After the build, check if your rebuilt application is “universal” by highlighting its icon and doing a Command-I. Your application should be labeled “Universal” enclosed in parenthesis after its title in the General pane.

Finally, it has to be tried in a MacIntel computer because, according to the documentation, having this label does not provide an assurance that it will run in MacIntel. It will have to be run there.

Sigh… I wish I have one to try mine now.

archseed :slight_smile: