Bulding for 10.3 within 10.4 with Xcode 2.4


I’m building an application using Xcode 2.4 on Mac OSX 10.4.
I want my application to run under OSX 10.3 and OSX 10.4.
I can’t figure out how to compile it for 10.3

I did this:

  • Check in Interface Builder if it’s compatible for 10.3 (it is).
  • Within the properties of the Xcode project i’ve selected 10.3 and higher.
  • Intel disabled

Wile trying to build i’ll get a bunch of error for 10.3.

Even when I make a new empty project, I cannot built it for 10.3 (same errors), 10.4 goes perfect.

Am I forgetting something?


Jasper Siegers


It’s me again. I thought would be beter if i put the error codes as well.

Please that when i build in debug mode i get no errors. But when i build in Release mode i do get errors. With the linking.

So here are the errors.

Screenshot of the error messages.