Bulk file renaming for Automator?

Hey, I’m trying to rename a few thousand files, and was wondering if Automator could help out with this.

The files are named successively like this “0001-001.jpg”, “0002-001.jpg”, “0003-001.jpg”, etc.

I need to change these to things like “0001-002.jpg”, “0002-002.jpg”, “0003-002.jpg”, etc. So basically just change the last digit from 1 to 2.

Is this possible?


Hey Clantoncs,

Yes this is possible.

Check out the below automator action:

In this workflow, you will see that on the Find and Replace action I clicked on “Show this action when the workflow runs” That way when you run the workflow then you can specify what part of the base name you want to find and what part you want to change it to.

Let me know if this is what you want, or if it is something else you need to do exactly.