Bundle vs Carbon (saving apps)

I know I’ve asked this before, but I can’t find the thread.

What is the difference between saving as an Application (Bundle) and Application (Carbon)?

I do know the size difference is HUGE”11.7 MB for the Bundle version of my script and 116k for the Carbon version!

Would obviously like to give-out the Carbon version, but is that going to be okay for OS X “No Snow Here” Leopard?

It’ll be fine in Leopard and below as a Carbon App. Carbon apps only work in Snow Leopard if the user has Rosetta installed, and that includes AppleScript applications.

Bundles are native Cocoa apps. Carbon apps will still run under 10.6, although they open as read-only if you want to edit them there, and I don’t think they’ll run as 64-bit. In fact, I’m wondering if they require Rosetta, although I have no easy way of checking at the moment…

Wow, what the heck is all the overhead for the Bundle version?

I don’t get anything like the difference you’re quoting, so I’ve no idea what your problem is. Here, the ratio is about 2:1, which seems reasonable for universal 32/64-bit binary plus no need for Rosetta.

Ditto, Shane. My ratio is waaaay smaller than Kevin’s. One of the handy features of the bundle, BTW Kevin, is that in the Contents > Resources you’ll find an “applet.icns” file. You can substitute any .icns file you like for that provided you rename it applet.icns and your icon will show in the Finder and Dock for your application.

Not to mention some of the other advantages of bundles, such as the ability to add other resources, including scripting additions.

Yeah, I can bundle resources with FaceSpan too. Usually just a custom icon, but also nice things like version info, Get Info text, and any JavaScripts that need to come along for the ride (gave-up on inline JavaScripts, I do them all as separate .js files).

I went ahead and did my latest script/app in FaceSpan again. Decent UI, under 1 MB in size, works like a charm.

Though I was reminded about the ONE thing that annoys me about converting an AppleScript into FaceSpan”FaceSpan handles the paths to files on a drag-n-drop differently and I have to go back over my scripts and change the coersions and conversions every time. bleh

(Basically I get my script working as a basic AppleScript, UI oddities and all, then move it to FaceSpan as Stage 2 and clean-up the UI. So my FaceSpan apps are inevitably Version 2 or Version 3.Version 1 always being the basic AppleScript applet.)

I’ll just switch to Xcode when we go to Snow Leopard, and avoid the learning curve until then in favor of expediency. :rolleyes:

Thanks for all the info! :smiley: