Button Cell in Table View

I’ve got a table view and array controller. There are a few columns and one of them has checkboxes. When I click on such a check box, I want to retrieve all info of all the columns of this clickedRow.
This is what I’ve connected to the button cell column:

set vSelectedRows to (plugstable's clickedRow as integer)
		if vSelectedRows ≠ -1 then
			set mySelection to my theDParray's selectedObjects
			--set IDx to ChID of mySelection
			log mySelection
		end if

This works fine but it always got the previous selected row. Looks like first the onclicked is handled and afterwards the selection got changed.

Anyone a solution for this?

Try using the performSelector:withObject:afterDelay: method with a delay of 0 to make sure the selection is not checked until the click event has been finished with.

Thanks Shane. I tried to get it in my project, but I’m just trying to get used to ASOC after a few years of learning AS… So implanting objective-c in my project is way beyond my interstanding… :expressionless:

But I’m slowly getting there!

set vSelectedRows to plugstable's clickedRow()
set theValue to vSelectedRows's valueForKey_("plugname") as string
log theValue

plugstable is bound to the tableview.
It gets the actual clicked row, but it returns a integer. The valueForKey_ won’t work this way…

I nailed it!

set vClickedRows to plugstable's clickedRow() as integer
set vArrangedDS to arrangedObjects of theDParray
set vRow to vArrangedDS's objectAtIndex_(vClickedRows as integer)
set vName to (vRow's valueForKey_("plugname"))