Button Enabling after Completed Fields

A question from a newbie…

I have a tabbed application and I have wrapped my head around most of this stuff.

I know that I can enable/disable a button based upon a “if-then” solution, such as if text field xyz has data, then enable a given button for another tab. However… I’d like to know how to do it better or correct.

How do I have a button enabled in the same tab immediately after a user complete two required text fields. I know how to “enable” a button, I just can’t figure out how to have two text fields be required prior to a button being enabled immedieatly upon the both text fields having data.

I assume it is something to do with a NIB on activate or something like that, but I’ve exhausted by google searching hours.

Thanks for any help that can be provided.

Ah! I think I got it using…

on end editing theObject

I would try to apply an applescript event handler like “Editing->changed” or “Editing->should end editing” to one of the text fields

then I would add a code like the following to the event handler:
if ((contents of text field “abc”)&(contents of text field “xyz”)) as string = “”
set enabled of button “thebutton” to true

Just an idea!

Yep! Man… after doing PHP for so many years… I am starting to wrap my head around this. How fun! Wish I would have tried this years ago. But like most things, unless I need it, I don’t have the time to do it.