Button in 10.4 appears without label

I am trying my application in 10.4 and two buttons, one with a plus sign and
the other with a minus sign, don’t have their labels. Can someone advise
what I am doing wrong?

Screenshot of 10.5:

Screenshot of 10.4:

.xib file containing one of my buttons:

Thank you!

Figured it out.

I found a clue, the 10.4 Console log says

2009-07-17 08:28:42.402 AppName[329] Could not find image named ‘NSRemove’.
2009-07-17 08:28:42.417 AppName[329] Could not find image named ‘NSAdd’.

Googling these messages didn’t get me anywhere.

I guess the bottom line is the button I snagged for my UI is 10.5 only, I’ll
have to learn how to make my own image buttons I suppose.

This page helped me solve the problem…