Button Overlapping Label

With applescript studio I was able to create a button which overlapped a label. This buttons would stil function…
But with this new asoc this doesn’t work anymore…

In this example, the white texts are the labels, the black text are the buttons. Ofcoarse the buttontitles won’t be visible for the user.

I want this because I’d like the user to change the textcolor of the labels. As far as I know, you still can’t change the color of the font of a buttontitle…

Anyone a solution?

After hours of searching, trying, etc… and just after this post, I find the solution myself:

In InterfaceBuilder: selectd the label, choose from menu “Layout” → “Send to Back”


a custom title of NSButton can be set with the setAttributedTitle:(NSAttributedString *)aString method.
Note that with this method you have to specify also the font and alignment parameter
(default is Helvetica 12 pt and left alignment)