C type of error message in console

I have an ASOC project that duplicates page items from one image file to another image file in Adobe Illustrator. It works very well, no problem. I’m just a bit puzzled about the error messages that keep popping up in the debugger console every time I duplicate something. The error only starts to appear after a while. But once it starts, it doesn’t stop anymore:

malloc: reference count underflow for 0x200487b80, break on auto_refcount_underflow_error to debug

It’s not like any applescript error I’ve seen. From what little I know, it looks like a C error.

Since it all works well, I’m not too worried, more curious as to what it means.


it seems to be a bug. See http://www.openradar.appspot.com/8087384 or google “malloc: reference count underflow”

Thanks, there’s nothing much I can do about it then.