call method, floats, doubles or both

I think I may be having a little trouble returning a float to ASS from a call method.

Does ASS accept both floats and doubles as a returned value and coerce the value to its own implementation of a real.

Is this acceptabel


float f = 1.234;
return f;

or is this the method if ASS does not accept floats


float f = 1.234; // this may need to be a float to work with other objective c routines
return f;

when passing an ASS real into objective c does the objective c routine have to be a double or float or does it not matter as in:




or does it not matter

Can someone with the experience please advise on this.




I have been experimenting and in my code:

call method “setIsLibraryOpen:” of class “LibraryData” with parameters {true} WORKS

call method “setIsLibraryOpen:” of class “LibraryData” with parameter {true} DOES NOT WORK

call method “setIsLibraryOpen:” of class “LibraryData” with parameter true DOES NOT WORK

I don’t know if this clarifies it or not.



Please ignor last post.

Not related to this thread therefore would ne no clarification at all.:smiley:

My actual reply to this thread is:

I have recoded by class using float and this time it appears to work passing in and getting out float values.

Sorry to waste the lists time unless anyone has something to add.