Call method in ASOC application from an external script


I’ve written a small application in ASOC. To make full use of this app, I need to call one of its methods from an external AppleScript (the applescript is triggered by a midi signal using an application called MidiPipe). I was able to approximate what I’m going for by simulating a click using AS, but this is a less than ideal solution for a number of reasons.
Does anyone out there have any suggestions or solutions?


You can make your application scriptable, just like you tell any other app to do something. I don’t know how though but would be very interested to know too.

Yeah. If anyone knows how to make an application scriptable, please post answers…

I don’t know how much GUI your application has, but what I’ve been doing to accomplish similiar ends is to set up keyboard shortcuts to the methods I want (which I do in Interface Builder in my main menu), and then in my external applescript I have (as an example for making a new window in my application)


This way avoids simulating clicks and other dependencies on GUI scripting, which is a little more hacky.

That is a great work around idea, but cannot work as a getter.

Big thanks to both of you for the speedy replies…I’d considered the shortcut solution, but was hoping for something more programmatic. Wound up trying it, though, and it works like a dream.

Also, I just want to say that this is a fantastic community of contributors and collaborators and a model for the way discussion boards should be run. I’m thrilled to have found it.

Thanks again,