"call method" problems

:cry: Can anyone tell me the correct sequence of events for using “call method” when using when using your own methods in sub-classes of NSObject.

I can successfully call methods of existing Objective C classes, but methods in custom classes always error.

What am I doing wrong?

I’m not sure if this is the right topic or not, but let’s try…

I have a general question:

Is it possible to have AS code talk to Obj-C code in the same project?

Most of my project is AS, but a certain routine is proving too slow in AS, so I’d like to have a friend code it in Obj-C, and have my AS code talk to that routine.

To use a ridiculous example:

Say it’s proving too slow to add two numbers together in AS. So I have my friend write an Obj-C routine to add two numbers together. Is it possible to have my AS code give that routine two numbers, and get a result back? I’d guess this is a case for Call Method, but I’m obviously quite clueless in this area.