calling variable from app to open in another app...


I’m trying to get the value (a path to file) stored in Quickeys app (no error when compiling)
…and open it with Firefox (error when compiling)

I can’t get the right syntax for opening in FF

--set parameters
tell application "QuicKeys"
	get value of variable "varOpenHtml"
	set x to {value of variable ("varOpenHtml")}
end tell

--open text file
tell application "Firefox" to open file {value of variable("x")}

Any help?



Solved !
Simply found he menu item “preview in” in BBEdit.

Plus: I’ve read the “note for noobies” and I’m quite OK with that… but it’s very hard for a very newbie not to be lost with syntax. I’ll use Applescript maybe 10 times a year and learning and remembering all the language is not easy.
… but following your advice and searching with your tools in the database allowed me to write successfully a new script !

Thanks for all