Camera info?

Image viewers sometimes display information about the camera settings like Aperture, shutterspeed, whitebalance etc. From where do they get this info?
Is it possible to get this information in applescript?

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Some graphics file formats like jpeg, tiff, raw, etc. have some information imbedded in them besides the actual picture. This information is called metadata, which is basically “data about the data”. You might hear accronyms like EXIF and IPDC to describe the coding standards. Higher-end cameras and scanners add this information to each file they create.

You can get at this by scripting an app like photoshop or iView, or you can just script Image Events with metadata class. (The app is in /system/library/coreservices/)

Class metadata tag: A metadata tag: EXIF, IPDC, etc.
Plural form:
metadata tags
item [r/o] – All of the properties of the superclass.
name Unicode text [r/o] – the name of the tag
description Unicode text [r/o] – the description of the tag’s function
value item [r/o] – the current setting of the tag