Can a shell script access ASS bindings?

I’m creating a little auto-download-and-delete program for work and I was wondering if I can get a shell script to use variables that I have set in ASS?

For example: My program launches and user sets hostname to Can the shell script access this information?

I have really searched but not sure if I am using the correct terms.


The best way to do this would probably be to save the host name to your app’s user defaults. You can easily read your user defaults from the command line or in a shell script using the “defaults” command. For example, set your domain in your xcode project (i.e. “”) and save the hostname as a string using the user defaults. Then, in the terminal or your shell script use something like…

defaults read keyForHostName

The only other way would be to roll your own solution using writing to files. That would probably be overkill.