Can an English version of AS be installed with a French version of OS9


Is it possible that the english version of Apple Script 1.8.3 , (there seem to be no french version) cannot be installed on the french version of Mac OS 9.2.2 ???

Thanks in advance.

As long as I know, you shouldn’t find problems installing it… (and there is only an english installer)

Hello jj,

When installing I get a message telling me:

This version of AppleScript requires an english version Mac OS. Please choose a different destination disk or perform a clean installation of a english version Mac OS.

Have a work around ??? Thanks.

I see… I think I’ve found previously this problem with some “individual” releases of AS in my spanish systems. If I remember… You can look for the “tome” in the installer data, open it with TomeViewer (some info at: ), extract the related stuff and move it manually to the proper place: eg, “Standard Additions” to your “Scripting Additions” folder, “AppleScript” to your extensions folder and so on…

I have expanded the installer files … 5 of them … What do I do with the Updater files. They are not available to expand from Tome Viewer ??

Sorry, I can’t remember the details… But, basically, you need only the AppleScript extension and the Standard Additions (I don’t know if it includes something else, such as folder-actions)… The stuff within the tome. The rest maybe licenses, installer files, etc.

Hello jj,

Everythings is done … but I seem to need some fine tunning. The ScriptEditor seems to crash when it looks for the SCRIPTING ADDITION (to run your library call code :wink: ):

get (load script alias ((path to scripting additions as string) & "Nomdelalibrairie"))'s ¬
SousRoutine(parametre1, parametre2, etc)

How do I manage the SCRIPTING ADDITION folder if I am running a french OS and an english version of AppleScript. When AppleScript look for SCRIPTING ADDITIONS where does he looks ?? Probably for the SCRIPTING ADDITIONS folder. But since my SCRIPTING ADDITIONS folder is named COMPLÉMENTS DE PILOTAGE, what do I do ?? Do I create a folder named SCRIPTING ADDITIONS ?? Will there be a conflict ???

I never found such problems installing english versions in my spanish system. However, I can’t remember if I used or not AS 1.8.3. I think I allways used AS 1.8.2b3, which as a wonderful release.
You can test where is AS looking for simply running this code:

path to scripting additions

And look the result. It should be something as: alias “path:to:Compléments de Pilotage:”
I also remember the Script Editor crashing lots of times from version 1.5 (and also other carbonized apps, such as Acrobat Reader and blah).
However, if you don’t feel comfortable with this unsupported installation, you may restore your previous version of AS, I think :rolleyes:

Helpful jj,

The Script Editor responds to «path to scripting additions» by the path to «Compléments de pilotage» … So the system and the SE talks the same language. Great !!!
But if I run your code:

get (load script alias ((path to scripting additions as string) & "LibraryName"))'s ¬
SubRoutine(parameter1, parameter2, etc)

SE 1.8.3 crashes every time :cry: :cry: :cry: . and in SE 1.7, it works perfectly … (I am marveled by the simplicity of this call for a subroutine). I have tested other scripts with SE 1.8.3 and they work OK.
What could be messing around with this little piece of code ???

OK everything is fine …

There was a conflict between STANDARD ADDITIONS and COMPLÉMENTS STANDARDS that are identical SCRIPTING ADDITIONS files except for their name (one is french of course …). So I took STANDARD ADDITIONS out of the SCRIPTING ADDITIONS folder and everythings is OK.

Is it possible that the execution of your code is slower in 1.8.3 than 1.7 ??

Thanks for helping. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: