Can anybody confirm or deny that this is a bug in for SL?

When I run this script in ScriptDebugger or ASS Editor, The message in the reply get repeated like 10 times
or empty text is repeated 10 times. Could someone please tell me that this is just me?
Or has anybody produced a workaround for this behaviour? Please share it!

set theCntns to ""
set dmsg to {}
set selMsg to {}
set theAnsw to {}
tell application "Mail"
	-- make new outgoing message
	copy selected messages of front message viewer to selMsg
	copy item 1 of selMsg to dmsg
	-- copy content of dmsg to thCntns gives RIGHT result
	set the theAnsw to reply dmsg with opening window
end tell

Best Regards


I can neither Confirm or De…

Just kidding:)

Works fine for me on 10.6.3

Thanks Mark :slight_smile:

I get one copy of the message, then like ten copies under the signature.

I can’t understand were the do come from now, as I have cleaned up everything that has given messages in the log.

UPDATE: I ran the script with an other script editor and then it worked just fine. And I won’t tell you which I used for starters! :slight_smile:

Best Regards