Can anyone figure out launchd?

because I sure can’t. In Panther, I used cron to automate backups, but Tiger’s launchd has me stymied. I have a working applescript that backs my hard drive up, but I just have to get it to launch every day at 9 PM. I’ve fiddled with the XML plist files, and I downloaded somebody helpful’s “launchd editor,” but nothing seems to work. My current strategy revolves around using osascript to run the applescript, but it duddin’ work. Here’s my plist:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> Label com.zanzibar.dailybackup OnDemand Program /usr/bin/osascript ProgramArguments /usr/bin/osascript ~/Documents/Applescript\ stuff/Automated\ backup\ attempts/Usable/Daily\ Backup.scpt RunAtLoad ServiceDescription Backs up Zanzibar to Mombasa using osascript to run Daily StartCalendarInterval Hour 21 Minute 0

I have this plist in ~/Library/LaunchAgents, and I loaded it with launchctl. Still nothing. Any help would be hujongously appreciated. Orr, if anyone could point me in the direction of anyone/anywhere else that might be of help, that’d be good, too.

why use launchd in this fashion, when setting a crontab is much easier?

Launchd Editor

That’s what I ended up doing–and it works–but I know that crontab is deprecated, and as launchd seems to be the wave of the future, I just wanted some practice. And I did try the codepoetry Launchd Editor, but it didn’t work. I plundered the periodic daily script for my own usage and ONLY changed what it ran to my backup script (using osascript), and it still refused to work. I think launchd just hates me. :confused:

bcause crontab will problably be gone in 10.5

Read Craig Smith’s tutorial on launchd in unScripted

are you serious? this is the first time i’ve heard anything about this. do you have a link, or are you just assuming? i’d be really surprised if the cron facility was completely gone–at least in 10.5–for legacy reasons.

or try lingon I just ran a quick example on macosxhints.forums in a reply there.
Once you setup a job, you can look at the Expert TAB and see the xml