Can Applescripts be run using custom Key Commands or Shortcuts

I have scoured endless sites and posts, and can’t find this seemingly simple answer.

I have a group of applescripts that change a folder or file label. What I want is key commands to change these labels. What I can’t figure out, or find, is whether or not using key commands to run applescripts is possible.

I know that “QuickKeys” will do this, but honestly, with the power of Applescript, and maybe combination of the OS X system pref for “Keyboard Commands” shouldn’t this be possible without shelling out $100?

I’v also looked at using Automator, but no joy for this task, so far.
Can anyone help with this seemingly simple but elusive question?


Free apps Butler:
and Quicksilver:
Allow you to launch applications with a keystroke; just save your scripts as applications.

I use the free ware spark

Thanks to everyone. I opted for “FastScripts Lite” but all of the suggestions looked like they’d work.

I am still surprised it can’t be done within Applescript itself, but obviously that is the case.

Thanks again for everyone’s help.