Can Automator start an action at a specified time?

I’m new to Automator/Applescript so may be asking a dumb question but…gotta ask anyway :slight_smile: I’m looking for an action that will help automator start a specific workflow on a regular daily schedule, i.e., every weekday at 12:00 I would like to automatically start a workflow. Can’t find any way to do this…Is there a way that can be done using an action? Any other way?

It may be too late to reply here, but you can use iCal to accomplish this. Make a new event and as the “alarm,” set it to run a program, in which case would be your workflow, or whatever.

Is there any way to hide an alarm that is triggering a script on a daily basis?


Mike Van Meter

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A more sophisticated way is to use a launchd agent.
Look at this

It worked great. It says it is for Tiger, but it does work on latest release of leopard. Thanks again. This will help tremendously.


Mike Van Meter

I already answered this in Code Xchange: launchd works in Tiger and later