Can i convert Recurring Event to Simple event in iCal/Entourage?


I want to change Recurring Event to Simple event (iCal and
Entourage). I have tried, but when i converted Recurring Event to
Simple event, it won;t appear on calendar. using apple script i am
able to get properties of event means it is present on calendar but
not visible.
Can any body tell me wht is the reason behind it.

I have created simple event and checked properties of event
recurrence is equal to “”
and at the time of conversion i tried to set it to empty
set recurrence of event to “” or none
but when i get properties of event
it shows recurrence is equal to “INTERVAL=1”

sample code as given below:

tell application "Microsoft Entourage"
        set evt to event "Recurring"

        --set recurrence of evt to "FREQ=DAILY;INTERVAL=1;WKST=SU"
        --set properties of the evt to {recurrence:none}
        --delete evt
        return properties of evt
end tell

hi Jacques,

    thanks :), it's working but my purpose isn't gets resolved. it remains recurring event with one instance. Actually, i want to remove recurrence pattern.