Can I create a droplet in AppleScript Studio?

Adding on open Support to an Existing Studio Application

If you create an AppleScript Studio application with Xcode’s default “AppleScript Application” template, then your application will not have “droplet” support (i.e. passing dropped items to the on open handler) like it would if you started with the “AppleScript Droplet” template.

As far as droplets go, the difference between those two templates is that the “AppleScript Droplet” already has the Info.plist file configured correctly. (Side note: When using Script Editor, this information is already added when saving an application that has an on open handler.)

To add this information with Xcode, choose the Project menu, then choose Edit Active Target. In the resulting window, look for a Document Types table (this is under properties in Xcode 2.4.1) and add a type with these settings (screenshot):

  • Extensions: “****”
  • OS Types: “****”
  • Store Type: Binary
  • Role: Editor
  • Package: selected

Contributed by Bruce Phillips