Can i create checkbox programatically by using ASS?


how can i create checkbox  programatically by using applescript studio .

I am not sure exactly what you mean here. Do you want to create a button using applescript CODE? If you want a button to ‘appear’ only if certain criteria are met, you could just set it’s visibility to true or false depending on whether you want it shown, or not.

set visible of button "theButton" of window "theWindow" to true

As far as I know, you can’t just create a button out of thin air using applescript, you can only manipulate existing buttons. You’ll have to create a button and then hide it using it’s ‘visible’ property or disable it using its ‘enabled’ property until you need it to be active.

Hope I understand your question correctly. Perhaps you could give us some example code or a description of exactly what you’re trying to do.