Can I display a window showing verbose output from Do Shell Script cmd

I am setting up a simple Applescript that does rsync via the do shell script command. Right now I’m left with no feedback while the rsync proceeds. I was thinking it would be nice if there was a window that could display the verbose output like I’d see in the Terminal Window had I done the command there.

Is this possible to add to my Applescript?

Or maybe it would be just as good to write what would have appeared in the terminal to a text file…

Suggestions for doing that?


I found this page…
…which looks helpful in general, but I am looking for a way to take the verbose output of a shell script I run and save it to log file.


Solved. Posting the question often is the catalyst to finding the answer myself. :slight_smile:

All I needed to do was create a variable that set itself to the “do shell script” command.

So combined with my last reply with the info about logging, this was all I needed to do…

set rsyncResult to (do shell script "/usr/bin/rsync -avE BLAH BLAH")

log_event(rsyncResult) of commonScript