Can I have a web view in tab view


I created a ASS application that included a web view that worked fine, I know need to use a TabView to add further features. However I now get an error “NSArgumentEvaluationScriptError (3)” and I’m at a loss. The relevant bit of code is shown below.

set jmol_web_page to “Macintosh HD:Public:jmol_page.htm”
if list_number is not “” then
set theUrl1 to get_jmol_sdf(list_number, jmol_web_page, false)

		end if
		set theMethod to "stringByEvaluatingJavaScriptFromString:"
		set theScript to "location.href='" & theUrl1 & "'"
		call method theMethod of (view "web" of tab view item "Viewer" of tab view "nstab" of window "main") with parameter theScript