Can I include an AppleScript addition in a project?

Is it possible to use an AppleScript Addition without to install it in the System? Like includes it in the Project.

I am becoming crazy!

I had tried many times to just put the Jon’s Commands.osax AppleScript addition in my project to get it available. No success.

I tried find the different places where I had to put it to make it available. I didn’t found more than :

Finally for some reason I can’t remember I put it one more time in my project, this time in same folder than than my scripts in the project.

Later I removed for the two folder mentionned above the addition because I had no more plan using it.

Arg, the scripts using one of its command compile perfectely (keyword known) and even run perfect (I have my log).

I checked then about 50 times the folders mentionned above, they are really empty.

What’s happen???

It might require a restart or logout to see the effect of removing the osax.

Well I had quoted previously the reverse, ie that it was an instant detect by AppleScript Studio. BUT there could be some trick that sometimes it is keep in memory anyway, going to try.

So nope, then I tried created a new project, the command still available. I checked again the ScriptingAddtions folders, nothing. Did a search and it was (hidden?) in one of those folders I had checked 50 times!

Ha well going sleeping.