Can I save in RGB using Image Events?

I have TIFFs in a huge ress and CYMK, and i want a script to scale them and save them as JPEG in RGB…
I succeded in scaling and saving as JPEG… but I can’t figura how to make them RGB…
Does anyone know how?

Thank you very much.


You can do it with Automator.

Under the Preview Actions

Apply ColorSync Profile to Images

This action applies a selected ColorSync profile to images.
You can choose from two Rgb profiles

Put a Ask for files action or what ever works best for you above to get your files,


You Then should be able to add the workflow into the AS if you want.
This Thread show how but, also here an example

set the_workflow to "/Users/Username/Desktop/rgb.workflow"
tell application "Automator Launcher" to open ((POSIX file the_workflow) as alias)