can image view's background color change?

I have tried this:

	set background color of image view "img2" of window "window" to "black" 
	tell window "window" to update

but I get an error…


You tell us:

Don’t forget to look at the superclasses.

from what I could find, the only way to really modify the look of an image view is with the setimageframe… But that’s not really colorizing it…

      NSImageFrameNone”an invisible frame
      NSImageFramePhoto”a thin black outline and a dropped shadow
      NSImageFrameGrayBezel”a gray, concave bezel that makes the image look sunken
      NSImageFrameGroove”a thin groove that looks etched around the image
      NSImageFrameButton”a convex bezel that makes the image stand out in relief, like a button

Out of curiousity, how do you properly call these methods?

I’m assuming it’s something similar to how I hide/reveal buttons:
call method “setHidden:” of (button “quitButton” of window “window”) without with parameter