Can OS X AppleScript trigger Classic AppleScript?

Hello, I’m quite new to applescript, so be gentle. :wink:

I’ve have an application that has some functionality only accessable when the script is run in classic mode (QuarkXPress 5.0). I have an extensive workflow that is written in Mac OSX applescript. All my scripts work properly, when run in the proper mode. My proposed solution will involve 2 scripts, my master (OSX) script and a small (classic) script.

I need my master OSX script to be able to trigger the other script to run in classic mode… is this possible? (I already know how to run a script from a script, that’s not my question.) A nice “Part 2” to this question is, will my master script know when the classic script has completed? (Can they pass parameters back and forth?)


Problem solved.

I’m so green to applescript (and Mac in general), what I’m about to reveal is probably not news for anyone. Anyway, here’s my solution.

Using either the classic or the OSX script editors, save the script as an application. “Get Info” on the resulting file and check “Open in the Classic environment”.

From any other script…

Tell application “Finder” to open (Path:FileName)

Embarrassingly stunned simple once you see it :rolleyes: