Can this actually be written as one AppleScript????

I need an AppleScript Application written that will combine all of the following into one AppleScript Application. However being such a neophyte in AppleScript I’m not sure if this is possible as one continuos script or if two or possibly three would be needed to accomplish the final result. Please take a look. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated:

• Merge two Excel .csv files with same Column Headings (Already have that AppleScript written as a stand alone)
• Delete extra row in Excel that is left in between the now two merged .csv file (Already have that AppleScript written as a stand alone)
• Copy contents of one of the columns in Excel, launch MS Word, Paste the column contents in to MS Word, Find and Replace returns with commas, leave MS Word file open
• Sort all columns in the now merged Excel cvs file by the address Column Header (expand selection so that each row’s information moves with the addresses being sorted)
• Replace three columns of info in this main Excel .csv file from another Excel .csv file (this second .csv file)
• Add an additional column called “Age” (Already have that AppleScript written as a stand alone.)
• Paste a pre-existing Excel formula in to all cells in “Age” column
• Combine the main Excel .csv file with another Excel .csv file that has all the same Column Headings as the main Excel .cvs file plus 12 more Column Headers with information under the Headers (Already have that AppleScript written as a stand alone)
• Change all text in this final merged Excel .csv file to Title Case except for the first column.
• Saves this new Excel .csv file back into same folder where all the .csv files originated from with a unique file name (something like FinalMLSmerge.csv

It’s fine to write something that does all this as one script. I’ve got scripts running as high as 4,500 lines doing a lot more total stuff.

To keep it manageable and not let it turn into a mile of spaghetti code, you’ll probably want to break out as much functionality as possible into handlers.