Can this be done using Applescript?

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I am helping to set up a workflow for our company using applescript. One of the things we need to do is copy large files (approx. 700 MB - 5 GB) across a dedicated 2 MB phoneline connection.

Here is the thing…We need to control how much data is copied per second. We don’t want to use the full 2MB bandwith because 1 MB of it is already being used for a live video stream. This stream must never be interupted. We are hoping to do approx 100 kb/s - 160 kb/s.

We know it will take long to transfer but this is what we need to do for now.

Can this “throttle” perhaps be done using a do shell script?

Any help would be much appreciated.

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Have a look at the curl man page.


I am not sure if this can be used for sending??

Hi Mark ,

Thanks for the info. I have no experience with curl. What would a typical syntax line look like?

In our requirement we would probably “pull” instead of “push” so sending shouldn’t be a problem.

I’ll have a look at the curl man page

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It appears that we will be able to actually map the drive on the remote site machine directly using VPN. So it’s like working on our LAN.

Would I still use curl for this transfer ? If so then I think I’ve got what I need using curl.


Are there alternatives?

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Just out of interest, is there a way to throttle “Finder” when performing copy functions?