Can this be done??!?

I would like to have an applescript that will show the spotlight comments
in a bubble window when the mouse is over a selected photograph. I am
trying , but I cannot seem get itunes to give me a return on photograph

I added album comments to the spotlight photo script. It will add whatever
you type to all the photo’s added, then you can add individual text for
each photo later + date comment was entered. I have already tested it using
the spotlight feature, and omg , the pictures just come right up. Like I had 10
photo’s of my daughter. I typed in Bailey and all 10 photo’s came up because
I had added her name using this script to the spotlight comments. I made an
icon for the script if it’s a run only app bundle.

to getFiles from this_folder -- this paragraph gets the images within a folder
	tell application "Finder"
		set these_files to (files of (entire contents of this_folder) whose name does not start with ¬
			"." and comment is "" and (file type is "TIFF" or file type is "JPEG" or name extension is ¬
			"tiff" or name extension is "tif" or name extension is "jpeg" or name extension is "jpg")) --this will get all the photo's from any selected folder
			these_files as alias list
		on error number -1700
			these_files as alias as list
		end try
	end tell
end getFiles

on commentEntered for this_file -- this paragraph opens the image in preview so you can see it while commenting
	tell application "Preview"
		open this_file
		set {button returned:buttonReturned, text returned:textReturned} to display dialog ¬
			"Add your comment:" default answer "" buttons {"Quit", "OK"} default button "OK" --this allows you to comment on the photo
	end tell
	if buttonReturned is "Quit" then -- this allows you to quit anytime and save comments already entered
		tell application "Preview" to quit
		error number -128
	end if
	tell application "System Events" to keystroke "w" using command down
end commentEntered

set this_folder to choose folder with prompt "Choose a folder containing images requiring comments:" --this selects the folder to look into for images
set {button returned:buttonReturneded, text returned:textReturneded} to display dialog "Add your comment for the whole album:" default answer "" buttons {"No album comment", "OK"} default button "OK"
if buttonReturneded = "No album comment" then
	set album_comment to " "
	set album_comment to textReturneded
end if
repeat with this_file in (getFiles from this_folder) --this adds the comment to the spotlight comments in get info
	set the the_real_comment to (commentEntered for this_file)
	set Characters_Returned to every character of the_real_comment
	if the (count of Characters_Returned) is not greater than 5 then --this makes sure a real comment was entered
		display dialog "no comment was entered"
		set date_prompt to " : Comment entered on " -- this adds the date the comment was entered with the comment
		set the_date to ((the current date) as text)
		set a to {the_real_comment & date_prompt & the_date & album_comment} as list
		tell application "Finder" to set comment of this_file to my {a}
	end if
end repeat

tell application "Preview"
end tell

So, anyway, here is the concept I would love help on. Assuming that I have the time to add comments to my entire
photo library, i would simply like the option of viewing the details about the photograph in a bubble window.

Re: Can this be done??!?

Not with Applescript.

o well, thanks anyway :smiley: