can you drag and drop FROM an image well?

I have an ASOC application that assigns images to an Indesign Document. To do it I currently have a button that when clicked goes and gets the path from an image in an image well and places into Indesign. What I’d like to enable is drag and drop from the image well into Indesign. Spent a day looking at this but can’t see a way to do it. Any help appreciated.


drag&drop is a sequence of send (write-to-clipboard) and receive (read-from-clipboard) operations.
So the question is, does Indesign support the receiving part at all?
if yes, you have to implement only the sending part passing the appropriate file types.
If no, I guess it’s not possible

InDesign supports drag-and-drop from the Finder, so you probably need to put the same information on the dragging pasteboard as the Finder does.