Can you get progress indicators into table cells?

I would like to build a table with several rows. Each row represents the progress of a background process. It would be possible to illustrate this on each row with a text cell, reading ‘57%’ (or whatever), but I’d like to use a progress indicator (progress bar) if possible.

Documentation suggests a cell can hold a text or an image.

Has anyone got any thoughts on this? Cocoa methods? Suggested workarounds?



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Well, looking at Safari’s Downloads window shows you can do a lot in that department… alas I’d say it’s 100% Cocoa, and even too advanced for me to even describe. Surely a lot of custom drawing or object placement routines.


you can do this using a subview in a table cell which contains the progress bar.
Of course it’s possible in Objective-C, but I guess you can do it also in AppleScript Studio

For an Obj-C solution see

Thanks, Stefan - I’ll read the obj-c banter