Can you open a finder window to a directory and make it column view?

Is it possible to open a a finder window to a path in column view and make the column view start there? I am writing an app to open customer folders on our server and when the root folder of the customer folder have lots of directories in them. Finder can’t seem to handle displaying them all at once. I would like it to work the way the trash folder works. it starts at the trash folder in your user folder even though its located inside of your home folder. I am working in applescript studio for my app. Thanks in advance.

Hi Matt,

A couple of ways you can do this.

et the_folder to choose folder
tell application “Finder”
reveal the_folder
set current view of front window to column view
end tell


set the_folder to choose folder
tell application “Finder”
set w to make new Finder window at front
set current view of w to column view
set target of w to the_folder
end tell

See the Finder’s dictionary for Finder window properties.


Disregard the last post. I see what you mean now about the trash folder.

a good example of what i am looking for is to use finders “go to folder” menu item. If you are in column view it make the folder you give it the root of the new window.

Any help?