Cannot run a particular script from cron with osascript

I’m having trouble with what seems like should be a very simple thing to do: have cron quit an app each day at a certain time.
I started with this, which works fine from the command line:

I then placed it in my crontab like this:

It did not work. It just failed. No emails sent, nothing. In the Console, I do see this, which might be related:

So I have very little feedback and no idea what is wrong.

So I made an applescript:

tell application "OmniFocus"
end tell
log "Finished quitting Omnifocus I think"

Again, this works fine if I just type:

However, it does NOT work from cron. Wow. OK, so I compiled the script into an application, with exactly the same contents, and ran THAT from cron, and guess what? Now it works! But having to modify an Applescript to change things is inconvenient for me; I prefer the first method with

My question is, why doesn’t this work in cron? What is different about the environment?

Try something like:

/usr/bin/osascript -e 'tell application "/Applications/"' to quit'

Your error messages are telling you that FITS.osax and MySpeed.osax both need updating, but they’re unrelated to your script.