Cannot use "note" class in record

I am attempting to create a record with a property called “note”. e.g.:

set x to {note:"foo"}

When I run this, I get a syntax error: Expected “,” or “}” but found “:”.

If I change the name of this property to anything else (e.g. “notes”), it works fine.

I cannot find the term “note” anywhere in AS’s list of reserved words, so I’m not clear why this is happening.

I have worked around it for now (by changing the name of the property), but it’s a confusing thing. Is there a way to work around this, perhaps by somehow defining “note” as a local property or something?


note is a reserved word of Standard Additions (the enumeration with icon note of the display dialog command)

you can use this form

set x to {|note|:"foo"}

Thank you. I should have known to check Standard Additions.