Can't activate Network Configuration Sets

Hi all!
I’ve been trying to use the scripting examples from the OS9 AppleScript Guide Help Center to set up and use networking configuration sets. I’ve created all the necessary configurations for the control panels, and I’ve created several sets which can be edited via the scripts. However when it comes to making a set active, I get an error message stating that the Apple Event timed out. Since I think this is a new scripting capability for Apple (since 8.5?) I’m wondering if maybe all the bugs aren’t worked out of it yet or if I’m doing something wrong. I’m also new to the scripting environment, but my debugging efforts do point to the “set active the configuration set config_set” statement (I think that’s the correct syntax. I’m not in front of my home computer right now.)
I’m using OS 9.0.4, PowerComputing PowerCenter 150 with a PowerLogix 250 G3 upgrade board (though AS should be hardware independent) and a fairly basic system folder.

Are you ‘telling’ the networking addition to do the commands instead of the finder?

: Are you ‘telling’ the networking addition to do the
: commands instead of the finder?
Yes, I believe so, (again, I’m not in front of my computer) but if I recall correctly, they don’t end the tell to network scripting additions, and start a tell to the finder.
The scripting examples came from the “Configuration Sets” section of the applescript guide help center. I am using the scripts almost exactly as they appear there (had to disable a check for infrared networking in one of the scripts). All the other examples for creating, deleting and editing configuration sets work perfectly. Only when it comes to activating a set created via these scripts do I run into a problem.
I can post the script here if that will help, but you can just as easily view it if you’ve installed the help center files for Applescript Network Scripting Additions. After selecting the AppleScript Guide and Networking, select Configuration sets at the end of the list.