Can't add item to pop-up button

Hi guys,

I’m having an issue adding items to an NSPopUpButton.

I can remove just fine, so I know the object is there, but it won’t let me add:

Test code:

	property popUp : missing value

	on setPopUpItems_(sender)
		log "Removing items"
		popUp's removeAllItems()
		log "Setting items"
			log "Adding item"
			set testItem to "Test" as string
			popUp's addItemWithTitle(testItem)
	end setPopUpItems_

My nib just have a window, a pop-up menu, and a button, with the popUp value set to the pop-up menu setPopUpItems set to the button.

When I click the button it does remove all the items, but it then throws an error:

You missed the underscore in the method name


Thank you so much.

I have to say, I really want to smack myself for that one.