Can't figure out what's wrong

I know this is a little long; If you’re anything like me, you don’t read scripts without thenice formatting Script Editor affords.The problem is–it simply doesn’twork. Earlier versions of this did work, but I added the properties, and shortened theSlideShow() handler about 75% by cutting out if 's for each condition, in an attemptto tidy things up, make it more elegant, and allow for easy altering of the generalperameters. This was my first attempt at expressions likeset withoutList to {“shuffling”, genwithoutList}.I’m just winging it, so I’ve probably yet to fully understand this, if not other,aspects of the language I’ve used here.
Another point of confusion, when it gets to sending data to JPEGView, the script sends a bunch of uncomprehensible characters beginning with “acevt” and ending with “end tell”. If you replace SlideShow() with something like display dialog (withList, withoutList)everything seems to be in order!Thank you very much if you even just giving it your time.
Here’s the script:

property genwithList : {"images from disk", "filenames", "no errors", "looping", "hidden controls", "hidden windoids"}
property genwithoutList : {"offscreen drawing", "screen saver", "recursive scan", "auto comments"}
global withList, withoutList, daTimeon 
open daList
	if CommandIsDown then set withoutList to {"shuffling", genwithoutList}--Initialize both lists…
		set withList to genwithList
		set withList to {"shuffling", genwithList}
		set withoutList to genwithoutList --…in either case.
	end if
	if OptionIsDown then
		set withList to {"user control", withList} --adds to withList
		set daTime to ""
	end if
end open
on run
	set daFolder to (choose folder with prompt "Choose a folder for a slide show.")
	if button returned of (display dialog "Do you wish the pictures to be shown in order or at random?" buttons {"In Order", "Random"} default button 2) is "Random" then
		set withList to {"shuffling", genwithList} --Initialize both lists…
		set withoutList to genwithoutList
		set withoutList to {"shuffling", genwithoutList}
		set withList to genwithList --in either case.
	end if
end run
on SetTime()
	set daTime to text returned of (display dialog "Enter number of seconds to delay, or blank for user control:" default answer "15")
	if daTime >= 1 then
		set withoutList to {"user control", withoutList} --adds to withoutList
		set withList to {"user control", withList} --adds to withList
	end if
end SetTime
on SlideShow(fileList)
		tell application "JPEGView"
			slide show fileList ¬
				with delay daTime ¬
				with withList without withoutList
		end tell
	on error
		tell application "JPEGView"
		end tell
	end try
end SlideShow