Can't figure out where apostrophes are coming from

I’m pretty sure I am simply overlooking something but in my script below I have a dialog box open up prompt for a file name. I enter into the box newfilename, and it then copies defaultfilename.txt to newfilename.txt.

The problem i am having is that the new file name is coming out ‘newfilename’.txt

What is causing the apostrophes to populate around the newfilename?

property theCommand : ""

repeat while theCommand is ""
	display dialog "Input File Name:" default answer theCommand
	set theCommand to text returned of result
end repeat

	do shell script "cp -r \"/Volumes/Xserve3/files/defaultfilename.txt\" \"/Volumes/Xserve3/files/" & quoted form of theCommand & ".txt\""
on error errorMsg number errorNum
	display alert "Error " & errorNum message errorMsg buttons "Cancel" default button 1
end try

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Hmmm, try removing the “quoted form of”…

That was it!

Thanks :smiley: