Can't get AppleScript boolean in OBJc class

Hi All,

I have an AppleScript helper app and call certain methods in the delegate from an OBJc class.

BOOL isVolume = [apDel checkIfDiskExists:destString];

in delegate apDel:

if diskName is not in listVolumesFolder then
	my nLog:"The disk is not mounted" withArg:""
	return false
	return true
end if

This used to work, the returned AppleScript false would equate to the BOOL. Now it returns a large number and is read as YES. Trying different coercions but no luck so far. Something obvious I’m sure.

Thanks, Rob

Ok answered my own question…

changed return declaration from BOOL to NSNumber and it works.

-(BOOL)checkIfDiskExists:(NSString*)destString; (no deal)

-(NSNumber*)checkIfDiskExists:(NSString*)destString; (changes it from large integer back to 0 or 1)

BOOL isVolume = [apDel checkIfDiskExists:destString];

false == YES!