Can't get Paul Berkowitz's Ex-Im Entourage X to run - help!

I downloaded Paul Berkowitz’s Export-Import Entourage X 1.2.10, and I have not been able to get it to run.

I moved the scripts in the downloaded folder “Export - Import Entourage X” to the “Entourage Script Menu Items” folder. I was NOT able to launch the Satimage2.4.3 installer, but I did move the Satimage.osax file to the proper folder. (I created ScriptingAdditions folder in the Library folder under my username.)

I was able to export four flagged contacts out of my Entourage program, but when I dragged the txt file to the EvX Contacts to Outlook application icon, nothing happened. Also when I tried to launch the application, nothing happened.

I haven’t paid for and gotten an activation key yet, but when I launch the “Unlock All Scripts X” application (as if I had one), that application won’t launch either. (I’d be happy to buy this program, if the demo worked.)

Does anyone know why these applications won’t launch?

I thought it might have something to do with permissions, but I ran the repair permission function in Disk Utility, repeated all the steps, and encountered the same program. I also downloaded the program “FixPermissionsOnPackages”, dropped the download package on it, and reloaded everything and encountered the same problems.