Capitalise script

Once I found here on the BBS a script that would do fast capitalisation of (ascii-text) strings. Does anyone recall that…?

This might work (not tested extensively):

set foo to convertToUpperCase("a bc d e fgh ijkl m n o pqrs t u v wxy z")
display dialog foo

on convertToUpperCase(targetString)
	set convertedString to ""
	repeat with thisChar in targetString
		if (ASCII number of thisChar) is greater than 96 then
			set convertedString to convertedString & (ASCII character ((ASCII number of thisChar) - 32))
			set convertedString to convertedString & thisChar
		end if
	end repeat
	return convertedString
end convertToUpperCase


Thanks, you got me on the right track.
Your conversion might improve on diacriticals with the following code:

set kLowerCase to text items of "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzáéíóúäëïöüâêîôûñãõàèìòùåçæœø"

on MakeMaj(s)
	set x to ASCII number of s
	if (x ≥ 65) and (x ≤ 90) then return s
	if (x ≥ 97) and (x ≤ 122) then return ASCII character of (x - 32)
	if s is "à" then return "À"
	if s is "é" then return "É"
	if s is "è" then return "È"
	if s is "ê" then return "Ê"
	return s
end MakeMaj

repeat with i from 1 to number of text items of kLowerCase -- or 27...
	set rr to character i of (kLowerCase as string)
	set rr1 to character i of (kUpperCase as string)
	display dialog rr & " -> " & MakeMaj(rr1)
end repeat