Capture One - Process

Hi All,

I am using Capture One Pro 9 on my Mac. I have written applescript (scpt) to process eip files. The script is used to process incoming eip files in input folder.

In the script I do the following,
set proc_result to process (file_path) recipe “TIFF 144”

I have noticed that not all eip files are being processed. I do get a result as something like “3B9A6A4F-6610-458B-8CFE-1CBB36746251” which indicates that file has been added to Queue for processing.

I observed that after adding to Queue, the file is immediately moved to History without actually processing it. What could be the problem? Please provide some inputs.

Also if a file has been processed and I try to process it again via script, I face the same problem as mentioned problem.