Capturing Leopard's print events

DISCLAIMER: Newbie here. Please, bear with me. =)

Greetings, fellow MacScripters!

I would like to know whenever someone prints anything on my Mac (i.e. any program sending whatever document to a printer) and, if possible, obtain certain information about the actual job as well (e.g. number of pages, paper size, orientation, printer selected, et cetera). Needless to say, my script would actually be a daemon that would continuously run in the background in order to pick up all this information regardless of the program doing the printing. Could this be done with Applescript?

I’ve been reading about handlers and OS X events all day. I’ve come to think there’s no way of accomplishing this with Applescript. All roads lead to Carbon or any other OS X API/framework (please, let me know if that’s the case too and, if you could, point me in the right direction).

Thanks in advance for your suggestions and ideas!