Carbon Copy Cloner 3.1.1 Script almost working!


I’ve already submitted this question to Mike Bombich but as you’re probably aware he’s VERY busy. Nonetheless I look forward to hearing from him. In the meantime I wrote a script out of necessity when backing up a RAID drive on Leopard Server 10.5.4. Basically what happens is I run the latest version of Carbon Copy Cloner (aka CCC 3.1.1) at 2AM and do a block copy backup of a my RAID drives. As you may know the new CCC has a scheduler and it seems to work like a charm. Anyways while running Bombich’s backup/cloning utility it has to unmount and remount the RAID while creating a DMG file of the volume - the problem is that my Leopard stand alone server loses its share points after CCC remounts the drives and quits the scheduler. I figured out later that to reapply the shares you simply go into Disk Utility and unmount/remount the volume again, no big deal. But what about when I’m not around?? A script like the following should solve that:

set theDisk to "RAID_VOLUME"
do shell script "diskutil unmount /Volumes/" & theDisk
delay 5
(do shell script "diskutil mount `diskutil list | awk '/" & theDisk & ¬
	"/ {print $NF}'`")
delay 15
tell application "Carbon Copy Cloner" to quit
tell application "Carbon Copy Cloner" to run
delay 5
tell me to quit

Now it remounts the volumes and your share points are still intact, that’s the good news. The bad news is that it hangs up Bombich’s program by the script reporting “Connection Timed Out”. As a result no further cloning schedule takes place and you lose the functionality of such a program in the first place.

My question is does anyone have a better suggestion for cleaning up or re-working this script?? Maybe someone else out there is using CCC for backing up their drives and seeing the same issue?? Even more far-fetched is that 10.5.5 fixes this dropped shares issue, but I cannot presently update the OS until later tonight.

Thank you for anyone who can shed light on this,

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