Caution: Newbie On Board

Well, I guess I’m the new kid on the block. I’m coming from a background of a bit of AppleScript, and many many moons spent in SuperCard (with HyperCard before that).

As I was venturing into learning Obj-C, and starting to understand the “big picture”, I decided to take another look at ASOC. I make enough sense out of it all finally to give this a whirl.

As I gather up and pick apart a few ASOC samples, I do wonder about one thing, and if it’s possible. If ignoring any Nib usage, and entry to the code maybe modified a bit, can ASOC be used as a command-line tool by calling directly to the binary in Package/Contents/MacOS/ ? Just curious if it’s been done, or if it’s just not even doable. Thinking in the lines of simple text/data manipulation… Not any GUI with it.


No, although there’s nothing to stop you from having an app with no interface other than drag-and-drop. It’s probably going to launch a bit more slowly, but otherwise there shouldn’t be an great disadvantages.

Well, I’m thinking more in the lines of something that can be called from the command-line, or more what I’m thinking is to use shell (“/path/to/binary param1, param2”) type of calls from SuperCard, which works exactly the same way as AppleScript’s do shell script “blah blah blah”

No biggie. That was just a curiosity.

I guess the point of ASObjC is to make it possible to combine AppleScript with Cocoa stuff, not really to replace Objective-C with AppleScript.